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Welcome , This backup is strictly only for me. How ever if your stuck and would like to have a look at my Citroen c5 Owners Work Shop Manual then be my guest.

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February 24, 2011

If i had the money i would like a V12 Sling Shot

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C5 2009 Stereo Aux Conector Glove Compartment.

Hello. Does anyone know how the aux conector in the glov compartment works? I have a C5 from 2009. I have tryed the cables and conected it to my phone hoping i could play my music from my phone and apps like Voxer, but nothing happens. AUX is no option at the sourcebutton on the stereo, only radio a…

Trip Computer


Modern Radio/stereo System For 71 Ds

Hi all,


I have a 1971 model ds and the radio got removed a few years back due to the unit having a few faults, and was wondering if there is a company out there that can make good replacement radio's or even new up to date speakers for the old ds model and at a good price?


The radio unit isn't…


Hi looking for a citroen c4 vtr plus
2lt petrol engine parts

Ecu . Keys ignition barrel
BSI fuse box. Transponder. As I am going to try changing mine to see if I can get car running again....

Flashing Indicator Problem

It's four or five months ago since I fitted my towbar with 12N & 12S wiring on bypass relays. Since then I've done three towed journeys with the first two being uneventful. The last one however wasn't. After hitching on and plugging into the sockets, all the lights worked correctly before moving off…

Owners Handbook

Hi, I am new to this site so not sure if I am posting in the right place. I am currently waiting for delivery of a 2012 1.6 e-hdi automatic C5 Tourer. I live in France so the handbook will be in French. Does anyone know where I can download a handbook for this model in English? I can only find one f…

Tyre Size

I have a 2000 W reg 2.0 HDi. It currently has 195/65 r15 91V tyres on the front and 185/65 r15 88t on the rear.


The tyre  selling websites are all coming up with 205/60 r15 91h for my car. I believe the wheels, steel, not alloys, are standard.


What should I fit, now the fronts need replacing?

C5 Vtr+ 2.0Hdi With Kangaroo Juice

Hi I have a 2009 hdi and it's just started jumping not all the time but enough to be concerning I can be happily driving along when it is like foot tapping on the accelerator I have an idea what I think it is but was wondering what you guys think is there a common fault on the c5 that would cause t…

Calipers And Discs For Sale Relay 2.2 Hdi 16 Inch Wheel

Hi all bought by mistake from online breakers as I was going on holiday I waited and by the time I found out they didn't fit I was out of the return time.

Both front calipers
Both front discs
All four pads with decent amount left
Calipers are with mounting bracket

These are from the relay with 16 in…

Calipers And Discs For Sale. 2.2 Hdi Relay 16 Inch Wheel

Hi all bought by mistake from online breakers as I was going on holiday I waited and by the time I found out they didn't fit I was out of the return time.

Both front calipers
Both front discs
All four pads with decent amount left
Calipers are with mounting bracket

These are from the relay with 16 in…

Replacing Front Brake Pipes



ive got new calipers, disks pads and pipes to put on the front both sides.


the calipers have two pipes on them.


is there some kind of special way to fit both new pipes? i dont want to get them all twisted thats my only concern.


also is there some sort of common sequence to follow to …

Rear Fogs


i recently bought a 51 plate  multispace.  on giving it a quick look over i noticed that the near side fog light did not work. on looking it had no bulb in,i replaced the bulb but it still won`t work. the off side works fine. 

my question is... is this normal for this model?

thank you in a…

Hydoactive Suspension?

Hi I now have two mk1 c5 exclusive's (make your own minds up lol) I am getting even more confused about what the suspension is suppose to do, what does yours do when you unlock it get out open boot etc? Not sure if it makes any difference but one is a 2003 and the other a 2004 with the sport suspens…

C8 2.0 Hdi 110Ps 0281011334 1037383676


I have a Citroen C8 2.0 HDI Automatic Exclusive. I am looking for the ECU firmware, the details are:


Engine: 2.0 HDI 109 PS

ECU: Bosch EDC15C2

HW: 0281011334

SW: 1037368282


I am looking for the unmodified ECU firmware "C8 2.0 HDI 110ps 0281011334 1037383676".


I would appreciate if so…

Alarm Ecu

Is there a separate ecu for the alarm on a citroen c4 vtr plus 2lt petrol engine.
If so can anyone tell me where it is fitted.

Traded Back To A Mk2

OK folks - I'm probably the first to have done this (or owned up to it)


Having bought a new C5 exclusive saloon last year, I have now got shot of it in favour of a Mk2 ( like I had before!).


I tracked down a nice 2006 (55) example - 2.0 hdi exclusive 6 speed auto with sat nav, sunroof and LDWS…

Meaning Of Central Display Symbols And Numbers

Hi all We've had our lovely Berlingo for a year now and love it. But we're a bit mystified by the meaning of some of the central display numbers and symbols activated by pressing a button on the end of the steering column lighting stalk. I can't find an explanation of these anywhere. Can someone poi…

2 Litre, Hpi, 2002 Model Non Starter

Hi guys, newbie to the forum so looking for some advice, i have a C5 2 litre hpi 2002 which will not start, it will fire chug a little and die, has fuel, has spark, but seems to be choked up, take filler cap off and appears to have exhaust gases flowing from the oil filler.

No oil in water or vice v…

Roof Pillar Dress Plates

hey all,

recently picked up a 04 Pluriel (1.4) from a used car showroom..


Im not sure I have all the parts related to the roof and boot area, does anyone have a parts microfiche or exploded view drawing of the various parts?


I was looking at trying the car with the rear window stored and c pil…

Looking For Help!

Hi all, apologies if this is in the wrong section but a search came up blank and the "c crosser" section doesn't look to be to busy!!


I'm hoping some one may be able to help with this. The new car was serviced prior to me collecting, at a private garage, however they have not reset the service li…

Resetting Service Indicator And Updating Satnav?

Hi guys, i'm hoping some one may be able to help with this. The car was serviced prior to me collecting, at a private garage, however they have not reset the service light! I have found this procedure (also confirmed by Citroen locally) but it has not worked??


Procedure i was told was....



Morning All, Recently Aquired A Berlingo !

Hi all,  New to the forum, and just recently aquired a Berlingo from my dad (now he has purchased a jag) so ill be using it for general shifting of things and getting to work and back. (now i can keep the miles down of my Focus ST)    its a 54 plate Berlingo Multispace in Silv…

C3 Leather Interior

I have an 04 plate  c3 Desire I would like leather seats  did any of the c3s come with leather interiors


Cd Stuck In Player On C8


I can't get the CD to eject from the player on my 2007 C8. the radio works but when CD is selected I just get an egg timer image. Whichever buttons I press it makes no difference. Is this common fault? What's the cure?

A Little Worried

Hi to everyone...I would appreciate some feedback on the concerns I have about the slight knocking sound that comes from my old c15 van (dw8) after just putting a new timing belt on it. The van starts and runs very well (cold or hot), but both me and the mechanic can't work out why this knock is the…

Rear Fog Light Relays

Hello there


Would anyone be able to tell me where the rear fog light relays are located?


My controls will no longer turn off fog lights independently of the main set of lights. As this is a requirement for an MOT, I wanted to run a separate switch straight into the fog light relays (bypassing …

Front Door Panel Removal On Van

Has anyone got a guide or can instruct me how to remove the front door panel from a 2014 berlingo van??
I'm trying to put some better quality speakers in but don't know how to get the panel off!!

Coolant Drain Points..

hi.. my new (to me) xantia's been sat idle for a good year or more.. and after replacing the heater matrix i'm going to flush the rad etc.. drained the radiator, and the haynes says there's another drain point on the back of the engine block.. there's 3 drain points underneath, and they all seem to …

2014 Berlingo Speaker Upgrade

I'm going to go Alpine but has anyone got any tips re RMS & OHMS
Looking at these below but wondered if the head unit would power them ok?

Remove Steering Wheel On C5 Mk3 ?

Hi All ...


Recently bought a 61 plate C5 vtr+ and the silver inserts on the steering wheel are scratched , I guess rings have done this , anyway does anyone know how these come off or do you need to remove the steering wheel to get access to these , if that`s the case how do you remove the steeri…

De-Pressurising C5 Hydraulic System Without Using A Computer

Hi is the problem of the week!!...OK the car is a 2007 C5 HDi BiTurbo and I have a fractured hydraulic pipe - looking at the car from the front ie. battery on right, the pipe that is connected to the left hand sphere and then runs down the bulkhead behind the left hand side of the engine…

2009 C5 With Hydroactive Iii Suspension. Rare? Error And Solutions.

Hello. Want to chare an episode that accord this summer 2014. deep in Finland (on my way to the WRC-Rally.) I got a fault code. Suspension error max 90 km/h, my A/C also suddenly stoped working (delightful in 30 Celsius) it turned out to be a 50 amp fuse for the hydrolic pump and the A/C generator, …

Diagbox Issues

Hi, my car (xsaraVTS) recently failed its French Mot on emissions. I have been advised on another forum I need access to the live data to help solve the issue.
After a lot of messing around I have got a version of Diagbox installed and connected to the car. The issue now is that the software opti…

2002 C5 D2R Bulb

Last year the OS bulb stopped working and Citroen fitted a new one, part No 66250.

Now the NS bulb when the lights are first switched on glows white and then shortly after glows like a standard fitted car bulb (same when full beam is on). The one Citroen changed still glows white though.

I did get t…

Phone In The Car

I have a spare payg phone and was thinking I could put the phone in the small compartment in the rear of my estate and plug it in to the 12v power plug/socket at the rear.

It would only be for emergence's like calling the AA or help from my girls, it will have a new phone number, we are always forge…

Citroen C5 Navidrive - Problem Reading Cd

Hi everyone,


I have Citroen C5 2006 with RT3 NaviDrive system. Version is 6.63.


I had old CD disc with maps from 2008 and almost all the time its play OK - I burn new maps 2013 (burned with low speed, also try several different disc) but it wont read it - I try for about 100 times (entering an…

Fap Fluid Top Up



I've topped up my FAP fluid today (3 litres) but service light and FAP warning are still showing. Do i have to pay Citroen to turn off service lamp & Warning, or will it reset it's self?


I have a 2009 (59) C5 2.0 HDI 4 door in silver


Many thanks




N/s Rear Suspension

Hi peeps :)


I seem to have a slight leak around the gaiter coming from the piston/sphere, is it an easy fix or do I need to take it to the stealers?


I've got an MOT in 2wks Eeek!

Egr Total Blanking Plate On C5 2.0 16V 138Bhp (2004-2008)

I'm having occasional problems (comes and goes at random) with lumpy running on my 2005 C5 facelift model 2.0 HDI 16v 138bhp with 45,000 miles. The symptoms when it occurs, are unstable idle (constantly reving up and down from 500 - 1300rpm), hesitation when accelerating and a lurching feeling when …

Xsara Blower On Full Speed

Hello everyone


I just bought a 2002 Xsara 1.4 P with A/C and found out the heater blower always on full. I have cold or hot air if i turn the temperature switch, but couldn't control the blower speed.

I ordered a resistor for the blower, changed it, but with that I hadn't got any luck. No blower …

Folding Mirror Over-Rotates

My Car is 2008 - (new shape) C5 Exclusive.


The LHS mirror folds when the engine is turned off – BUT – it over-rotates past the 90 degrees and clunks into the door.

It’s a fairly “glancing blow” so sometimes the mirror’s rotation is halted  but sometimes it carries on a way.


Then –…

Utterly Confused About C5 Suspension!

Hi all,


Apologies for my first post to be so full of questions!


I currently drive a Rover 75 and I'm looking to purchase a C5 on the grounds of ride comfort. The 75 is pretty good, but I'm looking for something that will just smooth things out that little bit better - so I'm looking for a hydr…

Relay 2005 2.2 Hdi Calipers

Hi i have a citroen relay 2.2 hdi 2005. I have bought two brake calipers off an online breakers who.. given the reg.. said they fit the van as they were removed from a van the same year etc. There is one brake pipe on them.

I come to remove my old knackered calipers and discover two brake pipes, not…

Fuel Consumption Figures-2010 C5 (160) Tourer


I have just filled the tank after around 545 miles. The "Range" said I still had enough for 180 miles.

However I put 57 litres in which means that there were only 14 ltrs in the tank - a Big Ask for 180 miles.

Because - the Fill / Mileage comes out at 43 mpg!

I did 300 miles Motorway driving at a…

Replace Bsm, C5 2.0 -06

Hi there, 
I have a Citroen C5 2.0 -06 which do not start. 
After some debugging, I have come to the conclusion that it is the fusebox (BSM) which is faulty. 
My question is if anyone has relevant experience of changing a BSM? 
Is it just to replace with a new one right away? Or should it …

C3 1.4 Sensodrive _ Clunk When Changing.gear

Hi all,
Just got a c3 1.4 xtr sensodrive. When changing from drive to reverse or reverse to drive it makes a bit of a clunking noise when engaging. It this normal.


Newbie Headlights And Engine Temp Questions

Hi. i just bought a Xsara 1.4LX today. It's a 2004 model and obviously in a car of this age has a few eccentricities but seems to run well so far. 


One thing I noticed tonight was that when I started the engine, turned on the lights, and was about to drive off, the dipped light icon was flashing…

C5 Suspension Gaiter?

Hi my C5 exclusive has started creaking from the N/S/R had a look and the gaiter is ripped virtually through. Will this cause any problems and can you just buy the gaiter it is the one on the bottom of the suspected strut that has the clip around it and clips on to the radius arm with an R clip. Hav…


Help!! Went to unlock my c5 using blip key fob and it seems like the battery is now flat in the fob and it wont open the car. Tried using my spare but the same problem! If I try to unlock the car by using key in the door lock will it open and start or will it just set off the alarm? Also if I get ne…

Gear Change

hi can anyone let me know how many forward gears there are ,i have been told my 06 have 4 speed gearbox .regards roger

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