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February 24, 2011

If i had the money i would like a V12 Sling Shot

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Steering Noise

I have a 2004 Picasso 1.6 petrol, there is a noise like the power steering fluid needs topping up but it doesn't. sounds worse when stationary and move the steering wheel, any ideas?

C5 02 Plate Coughs And Shudders At 3000Rpm

I posted this yesterday but think I posted it in the wrong place cos I'm daft like that. Apologies for the repost if it's not allowed!

Hi, new to all this and not very technical so be gentle with me...!

Had this car since Jan but recently it has started to cough and shudder on motorways when the re…

Thinking Of Buying A Spares Or Repairs C4 And Need Some Advice

Hi everyone I’m thinking about buying an MOT fail petrol 1.6 C4 SX. I went to look at it at the garage last night where it is a trade in to clear.
The 3 page(!) MOT failure sheet includes the following:
Rear handbrake not working (its mechanical, the hand brake was tight so the cables look f…

Newbie - Buying A C4

Hey guys! Just about, well, now exactly now (it's 20 to 10) to buy 2013 C4 from a Citroen dealer for £9468. It's a 1.6 diesel VTR+ with 14000 miles on the clock. Sound like a good deal? Apparently it's a 1 owner car with Citroen UK being the 1 owner and looks great!

It's so much cheaper than the eq…

C5 Wouldn't Start... Now Starts!?

Hi all,

My stepdad's been having trouble with his C5 not starting (Also windows wouldn't go up). He tried lots of things including new battery and new starter motor, leads, jumpstart in the garage. It would turn over but wouldn't start.

Today, he got my mum to tow him out the garage and down the roa…

02 Plate C5 Judders Over 3000Rpm

Hi, new to all this and not very technical so be gentle with me...! :)

Had this car since Jan but recently it has started to cough and shudder on motorways when the rev counter hits 3000, effectively limiting me to 60-65 mph which means I get stuck behind lorries a lot.
I've had it serviced and a new …

Citroen C4-Non Deployment Of Frontal Airbags Following An Accident

We lost a love one on Aug 18 2013 due to an accident (driving a Citroen C4) and the cause of death was blunt force trauma to the head. Airbags bags failed to deploy on her side (driver) instead they deployed on the right and still the passage died on the spot from impact. According to the manufactur…

Up Or Down?

Just a word of warning - the suspension arrows on the Mk3 are confusing , The arrow that points to the front of the car is pointing physically downwards, but it means raise the suspension, The one that points upwards toward the back of the car is to lower

I discovered this when I lowered the car into…

Dispatch Gearbox

Hi All,


We recently bought an 09 Dispatch Van 1.6 diesel which developed a faulty gearbox. We don't have a great budget so a friend is trying to source us a used gearbox from a scrap yard etc. Does anyone know if a gearbox from any other Citroen car will fit the Dispatch?? My friend thought that …

New C5 Owner --- Missing Radio Handbook

Have just joined the ranks of C5 owners, but have found there should be a separate book for the radio, which isn't there. As there seem to be more buttons than on an accordion, I just wondered whether anyone has a redundant copy, or link to a pdf version ? I think the radio is an RT3 ? (you're welco…

Total Loss Of Power

Hi All


I have a 2006 Citroen C5 1.6 HDI estate  5 Speed Manual Gearbox which has developed a fault. The symtoms are If I pull away in first gear the engine goes into total shutdown and gives an error depolution fault. The only way to start the car again is to turn of the ignition put the car into…

Milky White Lds Fluid

hi all


i have just checked my suspension fluid on the new to me c5 and it's milkey white with orange globes in it. is that normal for lds after some years its an 05 reg or has some thing been put in there that should not have been.


if i am going to refill it whats the best way to do it and is …

Front Suspension Stuck In High

Hi all I'm new to this forum. I have a 2001 c5 hpi exclusive and yesterday after parking the car half on a pavement ( which I went up slowly) came back to the car after about an hour and the front end was in high position. The rear seems to be going up and down fine. Don't know where to start lookin…

Faults On Start Up

i have a 2005 2.0 diesel HDI 16v exclusive 5 door estate

over the last month i have had 2 problems turn up sometimes they both happen together but they happen with no pattern 


1/ when i turn the key to start the car i get an audio alarm followed by approx a 3 second visual alarm on the dash tell…


Hi.I have a 2003 xsara Picasso 2 hdi.I tried to hard wire my dashcam from the feed to the cigarette lighter but it would not work even though I was getting a 12 volt reading.Tried the lead direct from 12 volts and it worked.HELP

C5 2.0Ltr Hdi Swirl Chamber?

Hi All.


RE: VF7RCRHRH76734809.


Does anyone know if the RHR engine uses a swirl chamber.





Electric Power Steering Problem

I've recently encountered the C3 electric power steering. After trying to research some stuff about it and not finding anything of use at all.. I thought id post something up which may be of interest.




initially the fault I had with the car was steering pulling violently to the right.



Getting The Range To Display On The Multifunction Display



I'm net to this forum as I've just brought a Citroen C2 Code (08 Model), and I'm having trouble getting the range to display.

I've cycled through all the options on the menu and I cannot get anything other than the date and time or radio\CD track to display.

It was displaying when I first use…

Clutch Pedal Creaking When Fully Depressed



I have a 2011 C3 1.6 Hdi Exclusive (57000 miles) which is three weeks out of warranty.


I have noticed that when the clutch is fully depressed, if you move your foot slightly left or right, there is a slight creaking noise.  Apart from that the car runs perfectly.


Should I be worried, (…

Mynav Terminology?

OK - I'm starting to get to grips with this MyNav.

A few bits of terminology have me baffled and can find no expanded explanantion of what they mean -


Route Options - What does the "Optimised" one do?

Route Dynamics - what is the difference between Traffic Independent and Semi-dynamic? I'm hoping…

Suspension Problem

My C5 HDi 2.0 has developed a suspension problem. I had four people in it at the weekend, and every 2-3 miles the green ride height light went out. If I pressed the button to raise the suspension height, the orange ride height light flashed for a few seconds(because I was exceeding 40kph), then the …

Part Number Help!

Hello can anyone help me identify a part number please

Or is there a website i can use?

My mums car needs a new gearbox & we've found one or two on ebay but need to make sure there the correct part.

Its a 2005 C3 Desire 1360cc Engine number FST35344583



Mot Time / Mileage

Just replaced the instrument cluster and Bsi unit on my c3 and before doing so the mileage was 39,900 +/- a bit. and now it displays 100,000

My car goes for the mot soon and i wonder what mileage they will put down? Its going to be bad if they put the 100,000 down as the mileage when its not the cor…

1999 Citroen Xsara Turbo Diesel Overheating At Speed

The car overheats rather quickly bit only at high speed on the highway (160-180+ kmh). This is the only time it does it though. Drive below 160 and it's fine. I thought maybe it could be the thermostat but if that were the case I would expect problems at any speed.

Car otherwise runs smooth, no n…

C8 Immobiliser Fault

Hi, I have a C8 o4 plate 2.0l HDI whist on holiday in Wales with wife and kids the car stopped and a immobiliser fault came up on the display, the RAC guy tested all the fuses, all good. We were towed to a garage wereb the guy said he will have a look at it so far no joy. Does anyone out there in Ci…

Vehicle: Citroen C8 (2004)

Name: Citroen C8 (2004)

Date Added: 12 August 2014 - 03:51 PM

Owner: skenn1622

Short Description: None Provided

View Vehicle

Wanted - Grand Picasso Owners

We've had a request from our member, Citroen UK to be put in touch with any owners of 2010 1.6HDi VTR+ Grand Picassos who would like to take part in a special feature within the next two weeks. If you are interested, please indicate below and we'll give you contact details.

C5 Hydractive 3+ Suspension Issue

Few weeks ago I have purchased a Citroen C5 Tourer 2.0 HDI 160 Exclusive Auto made in January 2010 with around 60000 miles on the clock, equipped with the Hydractive 3+ suspension.

I am very happy with the car, but every time I go over a speed hump or a steep crest on the road, above a certain speed …

Diesel Fuel

I buy my diesel from a well known supermarket and collect points but a friend said that there diesel had no additives to protect the engine and should buy from a proper garage like, shell etc.

Is there any truth in this as I have been filling up from mainly the same supermarket pumps for years. 

Towing With 2010 C5 Tourer Vtr+Nav-Any Tips?

This model has the "spring" suspension. Since 1993 I have loved the hyraulic sus on my two Xantias as it was self levelling.

Does the C5 need any suspension asistance (add springs etc?) or is the ride height at the back not particularly affected please.

The caravan, single axle Bailey Champagne, has…

What Are You On Chris?

Had to laugh at Chris Evans glowing review of the Peugeot 108 in yesterday's Mail on Sunday. He thought it was fantastic. 4 stars


Just a few weeks ago he called the new Toyota Aygo a pile of junk. One star


It's the same car..



What Does This Button Do, Mister?

Another dumb question - on the left hand part of the fixed steering wheel boss, to the immediate right of the "Set" for Limit or Cruise, there is an icon that is a circle half filled in white and half black.

What is it, and what does it do?

I THINK its something to do with the dash lighting but I ha…

Usb Socket In Armrest?

This may be the dumb question of the day - I have recently bought a 2010 C5 TOurer and it appears to have a USB socket in the armrest.

Can it be used with my music memory stick (that is loaded with music mp3s) for playing through the radio or does it have another, technical purpose please?



Citroen C4 Gp Boot Not Opening.

Iv heard it is a common problem... We shut boot to go shopping... We get a trolley full of shopping! then the boot doesnt open!! haha


So it too passing it over the back three seats to put in the boot! ( 2 child seats in ) so couldnt put down.


ANyway i watched a video on how to open the boot fr…

Stereo Upgrade

I know this may seem a little odd. I have a RT4? Stereo in the C5. It has Bluetooth and a RCA port in the glove box. I have my Galaxy S4 connected to the Stereo via the RCA port if I want to play the MP3's from the phone.
What I'm asking is:
Can the stereo be changed for a upgraded unit? I know I m…

Vehicle: Saab 9-5 Se (1998)

Name: SAAB 9-5 SE (1998)

Date Added 09 August 2014 - 11:11 PM

Owner: Lex Andrews

Short Description: Harnon Kardon 9 speaker Audio with 6disc changer and Amp, Full Black Leather, Cruise Control, Night Panel, Dual Zone Climate Control, Auto Dim Mirror, Headlight Wipers,

P/X at £495 with 120,000 for th…

Vehicle: Citroen C5 Exclusive Tourer (2008)

<!-- isHtml:1 --><!-- isHtml:1 --><strong class='bbc'>Name:</strong> Citroen C5 Exclusive Tourer (2008)

<strong class='bbc'>Date Added:</strong> 09 August 2014 - 10:34 PM

<strong class='bbc'>Owner:</strong> Lex Andrews

<strong class='bbc'>Short Description:</strong> Full Black Leather, Rear Sun Blin…

Zx 1.9D Engine Swap

Does anybody know if it is possible to swap an engine from a rhd zx to a lhd?

Ours is a 95 zx d and is rusty around the outer sills and above the suspension but the engine is low mileage and runs really well.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Citroen C4 Dash Lighting



I have recently taken apart my c4 radio in the hope of changing the orange colour that is already there.


Does anybody here recommend where I could get some coloured paper online.




Whilst doing this I seem to have damaged some of the digital display.


Anybody have any advise on a…

Changing Dash Lights On Front Of Car



I would like some advise direction tutorial perhaps on changing the dash colours on the front of my Citroen C4, not a fan of the orange colour.


Any advise forwarded or websites I could visit would be very much appreciated.

Rear Tailgate Glass

Is it possible to remove the tailgate glass on a c3 and refit to another tailgate of better condition?

Thanks :)

C3 Instrument Cluster / Speedo Removal


How do i remove the instrument cluster speedo etc from a c3?

Can i do it without taking all the dashboard out?

Thanks :)

Lights Issue

Hey guys,

so Im 17 years old and have just bought my first car. I am really happy with my choice and my Xsara goes really well. Its the VTR 2003 model. There is one thing I have noticed with it though, and that was when I was driving it the other night, I had my lights on, but when I turned on high …

Glow Plug Replacement - 2.2Hdi

I am sure you will all tell me not to bother...................but the only error code I am left with having played with Lexia over recent weeks is:


Injection permanent fault P0380 - pre/post heating relay circuit short circuit to positive


And I am dead keen to cure this - just so I can say I …

Do All Mk3 C5's Have Drl's?

I have complained to the Dealer that the DRL's on my Feb 2010 reg'd C5 Tourer (59 plate) that I have just bought have been de-activated, cos they don't work.

He tells me that this model (2010 VTR+NAV 160) doesnt have them?

I find that hard to believe. I am sure I can SEE them in the bottom of the he…

Towing Mirors For Mk3 C5 Tourer?

Hi all

 I have just discovered (although no real surprise) that the old towing mirrors from my Xantia do not fit on the pretty shaped mirrors on "Ethel", our 2010 C5 Tourer..

Any members tow with a C5 Tourer and can advise / recommend on suitable (and hopefully not too expensive) mirrors that will …

2003 2.2Hdi Dpf Data And Performance

Antipollution faults, DPF blockages and other issues seem to feature quite often in tales of elderly diesel C5s. Having recently bought Lexia, added 3 litres of Eolys fluid and done battle with the ECU to get it to realise that there is now more fluid and life can go on as normal, I thought it might…

Drl's - I Have Them But They Don't Work. Why?

My 2010 C5 Tourer has DRL's (I can see them in the headlamp array) but they dont come 0n.

According to the Internet handbook that I DL'd, I can set them in Vehicle Parameters - Lighting but the option is not  there. Is there an alternative way of setting them please.


If its relevant, when I put …

Mynav-How Do I Delete Satnav Journeys?

I have just parted with my much loved but very weary X plate Xantia :( and bought a 2010 C5 Tourer VTR+NAV 160.

The SatNav, (MYNAV) which I just cant figure out at the moment (but I will) is loaded with previous Owners journeys and at least the first 20 show  on screen. How do I reset the MyNav to zer…

Exhaust Fumes In Cabin

Good Evening All


I have a 2003 C8 and there a strong smell of fumes coming thought the air vents I have look and I cant see any hole in the exhaust any ideas


Thanks in advance



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