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Welcome , This backup is strictly only for me. How ever if your stuck and would like to have a look at my Citroen c5 Owners Work Shop Manual then be my guest.

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February 24, 2011

If i had the money i would like a V12 Sling Shot

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New Shape C3 Wing Mirrors

Hi there,


My partners 2010 (60reg) New shape C3 1.6hdi Airdream has had numerous drivers wing mirrors knocked off (they dont fold in very far!) anyway I was looking on ebay and found a wing mirror that power folds (the car is a 2011 c3). Ours at present is electric and heated but not power fold.

Define Vehicle Parameters



Does anyone know why i cant select the "Define Vehicle Parameters" option within the personalisation configuration menu of the Multifunction Display in My Berlingo Van.



Diesel Particular Filter Regeneration Needed?

Hi what are you suppose to do when this flashes up?

Radio Volume

Hi my radio every now and again turns up to full volume and I have to disconnect the battery to get it to reset, which can be quite a problem. Anybody had this problem and fixed it or replced unit?

Here's A Bargain Which May Interest You.

The Xsara which my daughter has owned from new and uses in her work, needs to be sold. A change of policy on the part of her employer dictates that 'old' cars may no longer be used on company business. Therefore a new C4 is on its way.

The car is a 2002 2ltr HDI 90 in metallic light blue with the 8v…

Leather Seats On Their Way, Anyone Want To Buy My Cloth Seats?

They're light grey cloth seats in great condition that came out of my 2006 c5 facelift.
It won't let me attach the pics in here so if you pm your email address I will send to them.

Help Required Oil Cooler Of Some Sort

hi my mother had a bit of a prang with a post yesterday, done very little damage apart from the radiator thing behind the passenger front wing , small square rad with fan on the back, ive been told its oil cooler of some sort. this is split so need a new one. citron want a fortune, any ideas what it…


Hi all,


Please Help!!!!!!!!!!!


I was playing around with Lexia3 on my 2014 Berlingo Van and I turned off my LED Daytime Running Lights (I dont know why i did it) but when i turned them back on its my dipped lights are my DRL's. The DRL's are located on the bumper. Could anybody help me enable …

Vehicle: Citroen Berlingo (2014)

Name: Citroen Berlingo (2014)

Date Added: 28 September 2014 - 11:23 PM

Owner: Henry100

Short Description: None Provided

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Sat Nav Reader

Anyone know if it's possible to attach a sat nav reader in a 2006 c5? (RD4/RT3 set up)

System currently needs map disc in the main drive, which means music is relegated to the multi changer (audio only), and I can't play MP3 discs without disabling  nav.


I have taken a punt on a  VDO reader from…

New Member 54 Reg C5 Radio Nav Problems

hi all im a new member on here and just brought a c5 exclusive with the built in sat nav etc


my problems are


the display only comes up wit magnet marelli (upside down) mostly lit dim sometimes brighter


the radio comes and goes and obviously cant see what im tuned in to


I cant see any of …

C5 Mk1 Front Brake Knocking - Loose Caliper Bracket And Brake Pads De-

C5 mk1 2001 2.2hdi The other day during some heavy braking from 60mph, the front brakes began making an alarming knocking and banging - the harder the braking, the louder the banging. On investigation, it only happened on moderate to hard braking, apparently from the drivers side. From the violence…

Vtx+ Phone Sim

I wonder if there's anyone out there who might be able to help?

I've just bought a 2006 VTX+ 1.6 hdi estate, with the facility to load a SIM card into the dashboard and have a hands-free phone. The issue is that I already have a mobile, and cannot get an additional SIM card for it to access the sam…

Lexa / Suspension Pump

Hi. My 01 auto 2.2Hdi exclusive's pump has packed up. About two years ago the main power connecter came loose, I found the fault and fixed it but one of the two pins was a little melted so I'm not surprised its gone.

Now I live Thrapston, a Lexia black hole, so I'm out on a limb. If I get my hand…

C5 Tourer 1.6 Ehdi Injection Problem

I have a 59 plate citroen c5 1.6 diesel, but when i sit in low revs at low speeds around 1,500 revs or below it fluctuates and feels like a missfire but only for a split second and the rev counter also registers it as that also fluctuates now and again around the stated revs, its annoying please hel…

Water Marks On My Dashboard



Cleaned the dashboard of my C3 picasso with an old but clean microfibre cloth (damp not wringing wet) and warm water with a bit of washing up liquid in it and now the dash has smears which are proving very difficult to remove. Can anybody suggest how I can get rid of these horrible lookig …

Dash Board Lights As In Dip Main Beam

I do not do much if any night driving but last night I had to take my sister in law home, I turned the light stalk to the dip lights showed on the dash but there was two on, one on the top of the other, lights seem to be ok so drove her home, about 3 miles, pulled in to her driveway and switched off…

Mk1 (02 Plate Sx) Lens Hazing

Greetings everyone,
One of my light covers ( lens?) Begun getting hazy . Is there a way to clean it or replacement is the only option ?
Thanks :-)

Bought A C5 Now Looking For Leather Seats

As title says, I've bought a 2006 c5 1.6hdi design and I'm after a set of grey leather seats for it.

Berlingo Multispace - Arm Rest Problem

Hi Everyone


We've just bought a 10 plate news ahpe Multispace with a problem with the arm rest. We knew about the problem before buying it and negotiated a price reduction because of it.


The arm rest is attached to the inner side of the seat upright and basically now just hangs down vertically…

Bodywork Manual

Does anyone know if there's such a thing as a workshop type manual for the 2001 Berlingo.


I need to replace te front panel - the bit that supports the radiatyor and into which the bonnet locks.


Many thanks.

Diesel Fuel Filter

I know there's probably a topic on here already bit I'm using my phone and can't find anything in the first 5 pages. I'm new to this diesel lark and unsure on exactly what to do to change the fuel filter I've had a quick look and it looks fairly straight forward but then I've been told things about …

C8 Screen Washers Stopped Working.

Hi all


I have a 54 plate 2.2 HDI.

The screen washers have all of a sudden packed in, The rear one never worked since i got the car, i could hear the pump but no water ever came out.

Now the front has stopped. I checked fuse number 14 under the bonnet and it had blown, replaced it and it still doe…

Torque Settings

Help required, could anyone please tell me the torque settings and stages for cylinder head for a 05 berlingo with a 8 valve 2.0ltr diesel engine

Gearbox Oil

can anyone let me know what gearbox oil to use also is there any temp gauge or is it just a warning light i have a 2011 auto c4.regards roger

Remote Locking Key

Hi, have just been quoted £167 by citroen for a replacement key that can do my central locking (previous owner had lost the key). Does anyone know where i can buy cheaper please!


Folding The Roof Down.. Problem With Rear Screen

ok folks,


went to try my 04 plate with the roof down today and came across a minor (hopefully) problem..


I turned on the ignition and slid down all the windows.

next was operating the roof switch to the desired position and then pressing the button again to slide the roof down onto the screen

Citroen C3 2010 Mk2 Seatbelt



I have been searching the net and not found anything conclusive, so thought I'd try somewhere where someone might know.


I am looking for a replacement drivers seatbelt for my Citroen C3 VTR+ 1.4 HDI.


Does anyone know if the seltbelt from the Mark 1 C3's is the same?  If not, is there a …

Starting Problems, Thoughts And Help Required!

I purchased a c3 pluriel 16 2004, for my partner and the vehicle has the following problem.

More often than not, when I try to start the vehicle, the key turns and nothing happens. The vehicle is in the N position with my foot on the brake pedal. Then the vehicle shows a spanner and the engine light…

C4 Vts 2.0 Hdi 2005 Surging

Hello was wondering if anyone could please give me some advice I recently bought a c4 vts 2.0 hdi model 2005 when I bought it the turbo was not working so managed to quickly diagnose turbo vacuum solenoid at fault which I have replaced and now have turbo but have now been left with another fault whe…

Loss Of Throttle

hi. after having my berlingo for 2 months it`s developed a problem.  after say 20 mins it seems to lose it`s throttle. twice it has cut out completely but restarts straight away. afterwards it drives ok with no EML.
this has been happening for the past 3 days.
any ideas as to what could cause this …

Help Picasso Won't Start

Hi everybody I hope someone can help me sort this out.

Citroen Picasso HDI. 2003.

I was checking gearbox mounting, disconnected the battery took the electrics off then I put it back together and nothing! checked and realise I had not connected main lead from battery, so disconnected battery and conn…

Bye Bye Eolys Fluid

Looks as though Eolys fluid is on the way out.   The latest PSA engines are changing to Adblue but it seems they'll need attention more frequently.

New Owner. Accelerator Problem

Hello all. I'm a new owner of an 03 plate C8 2.2 hdi exclusive. Love the car so far, but one niggle I need to fix quick is that the accelerator pedal is very firm/hard underfoot.... it feels like it's already on the floor. The guy I bought it from said it has always been like that in the 2 years he …

2008 2.0Hdi Dispatch Revving Issues...

Hi folks, I've got 2008 dispatch & the engine seems not to respond to the accelerator when in neutral... And when it finally kicks in it over revs slightly. Doesn't cause me much trouble but its all a bit weird at the traffic lights.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

4 Wheel Drive Selector

Hello learned people of the forum.
I made a purchase of a 2009 c-crosser today. I spent an hour with it playing as you do with everything when I noticed that the drive selector doesn't seem to change anything? On the dashboard it just says 4wd. I turn the selector and nothing happens? Not sure if an…

Under Bonnet Fuse Blowing

I have an 2003 Relay 2 litre HDI.  I hope someone can help as I have half the van apart trying to locate the problem and have now found this website.


The problem is that the Speedo stopped working, mileage is not increasing, reverse lights not working and have an aftermarket rear proximity rever…

Can Bus Or Not?

My 59 plate ( reg'd Feb 2010) C5 VTR+NAV 160 Tourer - if I'm going to use LEDs where I can, how do I know if I want can bus type or normal?

2011 Relay Alarm

Hi I'm hoping someone here may be able to help me or has come across this problem with one of these vans.


I have recently bought a 2011 relay from a citroen dealer, after buying it I organised a local security company to insttall an alarm for me as it didnt have one fitted, the alarm is an Autowa…

C5 2009 Stereo Aux Conector Glove Compartment.

Hello. Does anyone know how the aux conector in the glov compartment works? I have a C5 from 2009. I have tryed the cables and conected it to my phone hoping i could play my music from my phone and apps like Voxer, but nothing happens. AUX is no option at the sourcebutton on the stereo, only radio a…

Trip Computer


Modern Radio/stereo System For 71 Ds

Hi all,


I have a 1971 model ds and the radio got removed a few years back due to the unit having a few faults, and was wondering if there is a company out there that can make good replacement radio's or even new up to date speakers for the old ds model and at a good price?


The radio unit isn't…


Hi looking for a citroen c4 vtr plus
2lt petrol engine parts

Ecu . Keys ignition barrel
BSI fuse box. Transponder. As I am going to try changing mine to see if I can get car running again....

Flashing Indicator Problem

It's four or five months ago since I fitted my towbar with 12N & 12S wiring on bypass relays. Since then I've done three towed journeys with the first two being uneventful. The last one however wasn't. After hitching on and plugging into the sockets, all the lights worked correctly before moving off…

Owners Handbook

Hi, I am new to this site so not sure if I am posting in the right place. I am currently waiting for delivery of a 2012 1.6 e-hdi automatic C5 Tourer. I live in France so the handbook will be in French. Does anyone know where I can download a handbook for this model in English? I can only find one f…

Tyre Size

I have a 2000 W reg 2.0 HDi. It currently has 195/65 r15 91V tyres on the front and 185/65 r15 88t on the rear.


The tyre  selling websites are all coming up with 205/60 r15 91h for my car. I believe the wheels, steel, not alloys, are standard.


What should I fit, now the fronts need replacing?

C5 Vtr+ 2.0Hdi With Kangaroo Juice

Hi I have a 2009 hdi and it's just started jumping not all the time but enough to be concerning I can be happily driving along when it is like foot tapping on the accelerator I have an idea what I think it is but was wondering what you guys think is there a common fault on the c5 that would cause t…

Calipers And Discs For Sale. 2.2 Hdi Relay 16 Inch Wheel

Hi all bought by mistake from online breakers as I was going on holiday I waited and by the time I found out they didn't fit I was out of the return time.

Both front calipers
Both front discs
All four pads with decent amount left
Calipers are with mounting bracket

These are from the relay with 16 in…

Replacing Front Brake Pipes



ive got new calipers, disks pads and pipes to put on the front both sides.


the calipers have two pipes on them.


is there some kind of special way to fit both new pipes? i dont want to get them all twisted thats my only concern.


also is there some sort of common sequence to follow to …

Rear Fogs


i recently bought a 51 plate  multispace.  on giving it a quick look over i noticed that the near side fog light did not work. on looking it had no bulb in,i replaced the bulb but it still won`t work. the off side works fine. 

my question is... is this normal for this model?

thank you in a…

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