This is my online backup of the Haynes c5 manual

Welcome , This backup is strictly only for me. How ever if your stuck and would like to have a look at my Citroen c5 Owners Work Shop Manual then be my guest.

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February 24, 2011

If i had the money i would like a V12 Sling Shot

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C5 2.2 Hdi Auto Mk1 - Time To Say Goodbye

After 12 years of extremely contented ownership - I can honestly say this has been the best car I have EVER owned :wub:  - my beloved C5 is retiring.


It has taken me and the wife and various friends to the South of France and back more than ten times with never a murmur - ever. The gearbox threw a t…

Vehicle: Citroen C3 Vt 1.4I (2011)

Name: Citroen C3 VT 1.4i (2011)

Date Added: 23 April 2014 - 09:33 AM

Owner: ronjo94

Short Description: None Provided

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I Am Hoping To Come Back To The Fold, Previous C5 Owner Advice Please&

Hello Everyone

A little about myself first.  I live in the Yorkshire dales and have owned quiet a few cars over the years.

My cars for the last ten years or so have been a Citroen BX, 2 Xantia's a ZX and a Mk1 C5 Estate 2.2l Automatic Executive.

Now 6 months ago I was passing our local Skoda garage…

C5 Mk1 Cruise Control Instalation

Hello everyone,


I am new to this forum so first of all I would like to introduce my C5.


Its a 52 plate 2.0Hdi SX Hatch which I own since 2011.


I am servicing the car myself with a little help of my mate who owns a garage.


I decided to add cruise controll (if possible) and I have few ques…

C5 2.0 Hdi 90 Suspension Stuck On Low

Help! Our c5 estate suspension has stuck down in the low level, unsafe to drive. Have checked reservoir found it empty but no leak. Topped it up with LDS. Have checked all fuses including the maxi fuse located under engine fuse box, all are okay. No sound from suspension pump. No warning light…

Economy Mode Lexia 3


My 2006 2.0 Hdi C8 gave me an immobiliser fault, as a first option I tried the reset procedure, you know...window down, disconnect battery, reconnect battery, lights on, etc, etc. However all that happened is that the car is now stuck in economy mode with the drivers window down.  I have Lexia 3 …

Would You Buy A C8

Hi I am after a people carrier and a C8 or a Ulysse looks perfect but with or the horror stories would you reccomend one? It would be a diesel and would do up to 50k a year. Opinions please?

Help! Oil Level Sensor After Engine Work

Hello all,


C3 Pluriel 1.4 Hdi just changed the clutch and decided to do an oil change at the same time. Oil level is ok on dipstick but dashboard readout says Low Oil and service light is on.


Any ideas?

Rumbling C2 Vtr

My girlfriend has a C2 vtr with semi auto gearbox. Recently it has developed quite a loud rumble, almost a roar. It only starts when you reach about 30 mph. Went in for mot which it passed and asked garage to check wheel bearings. They are all fine with no play. She took it back to garage to ask the…

Vehicle: Citroen C5 (2002)

Name: citroen c5 (2002)

Date Added: 17 April 2014 - 11:52 AM

Owner c5nut

Short Description Citroen c5 lx

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Some (More) C5 Parts For Sale

Now that my C5 has gone to its new owner I have some surplus parts to move.
First is a new set of front brake cables complete with left and right guide tubes. These retail at around £60 so they are available for £30 plus a tenner for P&P.
Second is a 16" Suzuka spare Alloy Wheel with a 215.55x16" …

C2 1.1 L No Start No Spark After Fitting A Subwoofer

fitted a new subwoofer on to my existing old wires and went to try my stereo and it wouldn't turn on with ecomode on the dash display so tried to start my car. it just turns over but not starting getting fuel but no spark checked all fuses. when I connected diagnostics machine it come up with not fa…

Fuel Gage Or Been Ripped Off?

Hi huys i just put £100 of diesel in the car as gota long trip coming up and when i got in the car the gage hardley moved??? o have only ever put small amounts of fuel in before £40 max so im not sure if the gage has bust or i didnt get my fuel any ideas thanks.



Potential Purchase - 2009 C5 2.2 With Laggy Throttle Problem

Hello all

A new member with a question here - and I may be around for a while if things go that way :).

I find myself without a commuting car after selling my 1990 Mercedes. I mentioned this to a motor trade friend who is selling a 2009 C5 2.2HDi 173bhp manual, and he let me borrow it for a few days t…

Do I Need A Password To Be Connected To The Bsi - C3, 2002, 1.4P

Hi !
Do I need a password to be connected to the BSI (BodySystemInterface)
via the OBD interface to read out the immobilizer code ?

( I dont have ANY codes for my Citroen C3 car - VF7FCKFVB26006169)
I have changed the old BSI unit with a new unit because of fault with communication to instrument p…

Lexia Tester

Is there anybody with a Lexia tester in the Devon area that would check out my 2002 2ltr C5 for faults (obviously payable),
i'm sure i saw a list of places on here but I can't find it now



'faulty Foglamp' Showing On Display



I have an 07 C3 Exclusive 1.6hdi, and intermittently the display shows 'faulty foglamp' and beeps and the 'serv' light shows on the dashboard - the display and serv lights clear in a couple of seconds.  This generally happens whilst indicating or braking, although all lights are working fine.…

Spare Key

hello from gadji, new member,,can anyone tell me the cheapest route to obtain a new remote ignition key? thanks.

New Head Unit Xzara Picasso 06 Plate

Hi people.

New to the forums here.

Signed up as reading a lot of conflicting advice about fitting a third party head unit.

I have a 2006 HDI xzara Picasso. Does anyone have experience of fitting a head unit into this car?

Can you tell me what u will need and the process to do it??

Many thanks in …

20Dm07 Gearbox Compatability

hi guys, so got a 2001 xsara hdi and has a broke 2nd and 3rd gear. sounds like the syncro are mashed as you can get it in gear but is crunchy, so thinking best way forward is to replace the gearbox,

i have new linkages but looking up the gearbox code, im surprised at the prices, comparing to the oth…

Hdi 2.0 Vs 2.2

Hi I have a C5 2.0 110 HP with high mileage and I have seen a 2.2 version I am interested in what's the pro,s and con,s? There are 136 HP more expensive to tax,thirstier are they both DMF? So which is the best HDI?

Cannot Open Car Door

I have been in hospital and unable to drive for some time. Battery on C-Crosser appears to be flat even though son charged it about  4 weeks ago. Cannot open door with key to pop bonnet, so how do I recharge battery if I cannot get to it? Should door open with key or am I stuffed?

Hope some one can…

Fail To Start - Depollution Indicator

My son has a C4 1600 petrol which is playing up.  WHen you turn the ignition, everything appears normal but when you then engage the starter, it turns over for 2 secs, makes no effort to "ignite" and the cuts out totally even with key still turned to start, it leaves a depollution warning light illu…

C5 Mk3 3 Litre Hdi V6

I was recently considering changing my C5 3 litre HDi saloon for a similar tourer. I have nothing but praise for my current car, it is a very swift vehicle and is economical for the size of its engine, far superior to the old 2.7litre V6. The only problem with it has been that it is a saloon, not a …

C5 Mk3 Problems Converting Bulbs To Led

Hello - I have a C5 (2010) 3.0 litre HDi and have succesfully converted the Daylight running lights to LED bulbs. Recently one of my tailight  (the one fitted in the boot lid) failed and I replaced the two with LED's, they are working well. I then thought I might as well replace the two outer P21/5W…

Peugeot 2.8 Into Citroen 1.9

hello can anyone help iam thinking of putting a (treg) 2.8d boxer engine, box & driveshafts into my y reg 1.9 relay van are the gearlinkages the same etc any info greatly appreciated.

Air Conditioning Query

Collected a four year old C5 saloon on Monday and today was the first time I felt the need to turn on the air conditioning. The outside temperature was 17 degrees but the sun was out and it was much warmer in the cabin. Despite putting it on at its lowest setting there didn't seem to be much differe…

Playing Radio With The Engine Off

Previous cars that I have owned all had a first turn position for the ignition key that enabled the radio to be used without turning on the ignition warning lights. The C5 does not have this.
It goes against the grain to have the warning lights on without any intention of starting the engine. I al…

The Alternator Drive Belt Is Whipping When Engine

I have a Citroen C5 diesel 2002 model , the alternator drive belt is whipping when engine is ticking over but is ok when running at speed. I have replaced drive belt but is still noisy tried tensioning belt from slack to pretty tight but still noisy. Would it possible be the air conditioning pump th…

P0420 Fault Code

The above description states Catalyst Efficiency below Threshold (Bank) 1


Can anyone explain  what that means in English?


My car is C3 1.4 petrol late 52 plate Apart from the MIL light being on the car runs fine.


I have used a AUTEL CAN OBD11 scan tool & erased the fault code for now.

Bosch Or Siemens Injection System

Hi can anybody tell me how to tell the difference between a bosch or siemens injection system on a 2010 C5 165bhp have looked on rail but no markings on it

Engine Management Light



I had the engine management light come on and off with loss of power. This turned out to be lack of Elloys and some valvy thing on the FAP. After those things were rectified the light has remained off.


That is until I had an injector replaced. The light is now on permanently. There are no …

Code Reader

Hi All


I know this has probably been on here so many times, (But I can't find it),


My daughter has a 2003 Xsara Diesel, that now has an Airbag warning light on. (She thinks the kids where trying to get something from under the seats)


I know that an OBD2 reader don't work on this model, So w…

Independent Citroen Specialists.

Hi All,


Anyone know of any decent Indie s for our Citroens in or around Belfast or North Down ?


Any that can turn off the Airbag light on a 2003 xsara. (OBD1 not  2)





Independent Citroen Specialists.

Hi All,


Anyone know of any decent Indie s for our Citroens in or around Belfast or North Down ?


Any that can turn off the Airbag light on a 2003 xsara. (OBD1 not  2)




Poor Performance And Low Mpg

Hi all, newbie here with a question.
I have a C5 2ltr TD 2002 estate car with 125000 miles
It,s a great car apart from poor performance I.e. Just feels flat and I have to change down gears on most hills, I think I can hear the turbo whistling, also MPG is returning no more than 30 which I think is …

Lexia Airbag Codes

Hello Forum I have several Lexia codes for my Dad's (well 10 years young) C5 110HDi Pre-face


Most important are the airbag codes so I'll start new threads with the Radio, engine and instument codes.


I did a global scan and got these unclearable codes


Permanent fault

RH side curtain airbag i…

Speedometer Not Working


I have a 2002 Citroen Xsara Estate 2.0 Diesel, Black not that matters.

The speedometer is currently intermittent it will stop for ages then start, but I could cope (although it is illegal for having no speedometer) it is highly unlikely you'll be pulled over unless your speeding.

But anyway'…

Auto Gearbox Clutch Problem

I have had my 2003 C5 2.0 HDI Auto Estate for two days now, and love it to bits, however, the fun is over and I now need help :(


The C5 is a work of art, it's got 70,000 on the clock and is as close to perfect as you can get for a car of this age.

I went out today to take some rubish to the tip, so…

Vehicle: Citroen C5 (2010)

Name: Citroen C5 (2010)

Date Added: 06 April 2014 - 11:56 AM

Owner: davidjgrover

Short Description: None Provided

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Annoying Squeek

Hi.I have an annoying squeeking noise even over uneaven roads.It sounds like its coming from the front left hand side.It is a Xsara Picasso 2hdi.Has anyone had this problem and what was the fix. :blink:

Brand New Citroen Ds5 - Plenty Of Faults And Bad Paint Job

Hello and thank you for your time


After much consideration and a crazy amount of courage I have decided not to buy a Seat Leon Touring FR but a brand new Citroen DS5 2.0 HDI manual. Very soon this proofed to be a huge mistake.



The car was purchase by finance, PCP. The OTR price of the vehic…

Mk2 'new' C4 Spare Wheel Kit

Hi All. Just bought a new C4 e-hdi 115 6 speed manual selection. A spare wheel was not an option for this particular trim level and I am trying to find the part number(s) for a space saver spare kit so that I can purchase them separately. Tried a couple of dealers, but they don't seem too interested…

Tyre Sizes


I have a 2003 C5 estate, the spare tyre has never been used it is 205 65 R15 H94 Michelin energy. This week my wife got a puncture very near home.I put the spare on went to the tyre man and he said the tyre cannot be repaired, all the rest of the tyres are Hanook 215 55 R16, I messured the diame…

Brake Drum Removal



Im trying to remove the rear brake drums on my c3 II.

There is a large nut and inside it has a smaller 'anti tamper' looking nut.

What do i have to do to remove the drum?





An 8.30 Appointment.

It's that time of year when all my MOT inspections fall due. The first one up for it was my old Saxo 1.5D. I've been checking it over during the past three weeks and thought it would benefit from some new front discs and pads. Also a pair of new tyres were put on the front. To replace the discs ther…

2008 (New Shape) 2.0 Hdi Very Low Engine Oil Pressure

Hi all, just joined and would like your help with the following problem. 

2008 (new shape ) 2.0 HDi bought 3 months ago with 37,000 miles on clock, so have no previous knowledge. Thoroughly pleased with it but just had a fault show up, it being :- an audible warning followed by the following messag…

Please Help Poorly Picasso

Hi i hope somone with more knowledge than me can help

i have a 03 picasso hdi after filling up from nearly empty yesterday it was fine for 1/2 mile then parked up went shopping came back 1hr later and shes running like a dog


really struggles to start thick smoke when it does and runs like its mis…

Usb Port---Music Jumbled

Hi everyone,   I have just taken delivery of a Grand C4 Picasso which does not have a CD player. I have transferred all of my I tunes onto a flash drive. When the flash drive is on the PC the tracks are in order i.e. Album A Tracks 1-8, Album B tracks 1-9 etc however when I plug the flash drive into…

C5 - Worn Cables/pipes Can Anyone Advise!?!?

Hi everyone, first of all I'm new so go gentle with me and my car mechanical knowledge is very poor! I recently changed my front tyres and noticed a worn pipe or cable slightly behind but above the front brake discs, this was on both sides. The pipe/cable is rubbing where it passes through an oval m…
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