This is my online backup of the Haynes c5 manual

Welcome , This backup is strictly only for me. How ever if your stuck and would like to have a look at my Citroen c5 Owners Work Shop Manual then be my guest.

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February 24, 2011

If i had the money i would like a V12 Sling Shot

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Marek Drives Ds5 Review On Youtube

This bloke's really funny - he's done a very revealing and entertaining review of the DS5, highlghting its crazy design "features" - creative technologie!!


Search "Marek Drives Citroen" and select the ENG version (he also posts Polish language versions).

Seriously worth viewing if you are consid…

Radio Instructions

Does some one have proper instructions on how to set the radio???? Am new owner of c3 Picasso.

Few Little Problems.

Hi all


Some of you are aware of my various problems which I am trying to financially sort out but I have 2 little problems which I am hoping will be as cheap as possible solutions. Past history, clutch went.


Basically, the other day the "Anti Pollution Fault" came on. Hasn't cleared for days a…

Locking The Doors Need Expert Help

You know that feeling when you think youve got a pretty good idea what the answer to a question is gonna be, but you have to ask anyway .....?


2003 C5 Estate Exclusive


New and Improved Central Locking Issues


So heres a step by step of what it does/doesnt do


1) Plip keys (I have two) both…

Thinking Of Buying C1 -General Tips And Advice Please !

Hey everyone,

Had my heart set on a C1 for a while. Love the design, the compactness, fuel efficiency and generally how economical it would be to keep on the road. For me it seemed liked my dream car. Until I took one for a test drive ! I know it only has a 1 litre engine but I hoped that it would s…

Help Needed Citroen C4 Undertray



I am looking for help on fitting an undertray for a citroen c4 Cachet.


Any direction as to videos I could view or instruction manuals for materials required would be much appreciated.


I bought the undertray from mm experrt(Image attached) online and whilst removing the old one I noticed …

C5 Hdi 2.2 Ride Height Help

hello all after fitting a new rear height sensor the back end is now to high i realise that it should be set via Lexia but dont have one, i remember a post some were saying you could manually do this




Plug Change

Hi to all                Any problems I might find changing spark plugs on 2004 C8 2lt

Citroen Xsara - Old Model - Engine Running Hot


New to this - have a bit of technical knowledge but not much! I have a V reg Citroen Xsara West Coast - done 69000, well serviced, good condition, runs well. Ever since i've had it under heavy load the temperature gauge has crept up slightly - not greatly and i've tended to ignore it - and there'…

Eolys Fluid Leaks

Apparently a common problem on the C3 is leakage of eolys fluid. It is held in a plastic bag which deteriorates over time and then red fluid drips out on to the floor. See this topic from the Picasso forum…

Life After C5?

Just putting this post here so as not to interfere with the important work of technical matters and problems and fixes.


I've just done a 60 mile round trip in my 2003 C5 2.2HDi and, as it's a nice warm, sunny day and the traffic was light on the A1, I started to think about why I really like my c…

How Do I Change Door Hinge Pins On A Citreon Picasso 2002

how easy it to fit these door pins, is it just a matter of unscrewing old ones out and screwing new ones in... or is there anything else I need to do???


Thanks in advance..


Any Problems Adding A Photo To Your Profile

Has anybody had a problem trying to add a photo (avatar) to their profile ?


As far as I remember, I put mine on the site by browsing the files on my computer but the photo had to be a small size and is only 34 kb. For adding other photos to a post this is done by putting them on another site and …

Automatic Windows

I must admit to not reading my handbook but we was driving back from Wiltshire, the sun was shining and it was very humid, we had the front windows down to let in air, mainly for our little dog on the rear seat.

Just a couple of miles outside Ludgershall black clouds and then rain, Reg was driving a…

C5 Hdi (2006) Boot Door Opens When Car Unlocked. (Fixed)

Hi All.


Unlocked the car this morning and the rear hatch unlocked and opened.


So removed the inner hatch lining (you will need new clips) and took a look at the lock mechanism and the operating lever.


It was simply a matter of cleaning the road dirt around the black plate you press to open …

Oil Change

I am thinking of doing a oil change before the winter sets in, but what will be the best oil to use?

My car is a 2001 2000cc diesel automatic estate.

PS. I have never done a oil change so any tips.



Hi guys. My C5 (manual) has just died. AA chap said the Release Bearing has gone. Can be towed home but front wheels need to be raised or else gearbox will smash. Is he talking crap?? surely towing is ok if in neutral. Any advice greatly received. Cheers, Pete :unsure:

2008 Berlingo 1.4 Petrol Van Fault

Hi, I own a citroen berlingo van, i took it off the road for a few months, the battery went flat, i renewed it and it would not start!! I took it to a diagnostics garage, they played abot with it for over 1 month, with no results, i found a mobile tech who fixed the problem within 5 minutes, seems t…

Front And Back Screen Wash Not Working

Wondering if anyone can help I have screen wash in the bottle but front and back jets don't work when I use it does anyone have any ideas on what it could be

Looking For A Set Of Door Hinge Pins...

As the title says..... I am looking for some door pins for my citreon xsara picaaso 2.0 on a 2002 plate.....


Can someone please tell me where I could get these.... or post a link to some.... also how much would i be looking to pay for these??


Thanks in advance..

New C5

Picked up my C5 yesterday, 08 model VTR+ 1.6 diesel. Any tips? It cruises great, but when you accelerate the mpg goes down the plug hole. Is this just large car, smaller engine? Is a re map worth it? I had a 110 Picasso previously that was riddled with faults and cost a fortune. Had it chipped the d…

"growly" C3

My new-to-me C3 is quite growly (or should I say throaty?) when accelerating. Sometimes I can feel a vibration coming through the driver's seat at the same time.

Is this normal or have I got a problem?


My Tank Split - Suspension Failure. How To Remove! Stock!

Hello all

This week my 2009 C5 disappointed me by failing. The suspension went into fault mode and I noticed it had sprayed all its fluid out.

Just spotted that the tank has split. It's he hard to see but it'd split at the back of the tank, under the seam.

I hope to fix this myself tomorrow so I …

Emissions Fail

what shoud your emissions be on a 2002 plate c5 2,2hdi mines just failed

C3 Timing

Hi my wifes C3 1360cc 8V 2002 has jumped its timing belt, I am having trouble finding the crankshaft locking pin hole, I understand from autodata it is above the crankshaft pully but I am still not sure can someone please give me a clearer idea of where it is, she loves her car and I want mine back …

C4 Starting Problems

Hi guys,

My 55 plate c4 vtr plus, petrol coupe has developed a starting fault, it all started on Saturday morning when I drove to my parents house to pick them up to go to London as we were about to leave the car wouldn't start but would turn over as much as I would keep the key turned. I called the…

Stealing A March On Citroen

I thought Ford used the identical Peugeot hdi engines in the Mondeo (hdi becomes tdsi), but they seem to have worked some magic on it.


The numbers are better than Citroen- better claimed MPG ( although i don't believe those numbers anyway), but undeniable is their 163ps econetic emissions



C4 Not Starting....

Hi all,


Appreciate any advice you can provide on my issue.


I become a 1st time Citroen owner a few weeks back. The last couple of days the car would not start on a few occasions, but did start after 3 or 4 attempts.


Last night whilst 30 miles from home the car just wouldn't start. When I sa…

Roof Boxes

This is posted for our new member Bill610 and copied from his message:



Hi from County Durham !!

Awaiting delivery ( next week ) of my brand spanking new unbelievably gorgeous

Grand C4 Picasso 1.6e HDi Airdream Exclusive Plus in black

- and as I have 10 grandchildren, I will be needing the bigg…

Vehicle: Citroen C5Vtr+ (2008)

Name: Citroen C5VTR+ (2008)

Date Added: 15 July 2014 - 11:01 PM

Owner: Geoff Hage

Short Description: Citroen C5 VTR+ saloon

View Vehicle

Brakes Help 2009 2.0Hdi

Hi replaced my front brake pads today if we disregard knakered locking wheel nuts sized wheel nuts ect all went well the old pads were worn to the sensors it didn't register as a fault because the wires were broken on the car side if the loom

Removing Head Unit From 2007 C5

Sorry, searched high and low for this, but all instructions seem to be based on a different model of radio.


Mine doesn't have the 2 switches at either side, but has two small holes (one on either side) instead.


Any ideas please?




Car Mechanics Mag.

Any new owners of C5's should pick up a copy of this month's Car Mechanics Magazine. There's a useful run-down on carrying out a service.

Fap Builds Up Soot Very Fast



I have a Xsara Picasso 1.6 HDI (110) FAP. I have had it for a year or so and I notice that the car seems to regenerate the FAP very often. During a 500km trip, signs of regeneration (consumption up, back mirrors warm) every 50km!


As I have Lexia, I checked a couple of Days ago and "Ave…

C5 Mk3 Front Lower Ball Joints.

Ive got a clonking lower ball joint any particular brands of replacement to be wary of and anything to watch for when changing the sucker?

Replacing Front Discs/pads 2009 C5

Hi, can anyone tell me what size of tools required to remove caliper to replace pads/disc. Also can you push back the pistons on the Front, this had always been the case in previous Citreons and the wind back tool only required for the rear??

Grand C4 1.6 Vtr 2011 Bike Rack,

Hello, I am trying to find a roof rack for our car. To be honest I didint realise how expensive it was. Halford quoted me over £250 for the whole lot, the bars and the roof rack. I think we are only able to get a roof rack because of the boot of the grand c4...

Has anyone got any ideas where I can …

Advise On Fitting New Rear Height Sensor

Hello all its D-Day tomorrow i will be fitting a new rear height sensor to my c52.2hdi 2002 plate, if after ive fitted it it still wont go up,, its scrapyard time!! iv put 0.5 thru the system to try and bleed the rear but no go!! the front will raise perfect and if i force the back up  with a jack w…

Odd Wire Under Steering Wheel

Hello everyone! I've recently bought myself a 52' Citroen C3 Exclusive, one problem i'm having is the cruise control not working.


I've replaced the switch in the passengers foot well that is on the same bracket as the brake light switch (the red switch was replaced as this didn't activate the bra…

Vehicle: Citroen Grand C4 Picasso (2008)

Name: Citroen Grand C4 Picasso (2008)

Date Added: 14 July 2014 - 01:59 PM

Owner: NOLLY

Short Description: Great Condition, The kids have knocked the armrests off the chairs!

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Wind Deflectors C4 Saloon

Anyone out there interested in a pair of wind deflectors for a C4 saloon, I got them off ebay but they were wrongly described as being for a C4 Picasso, when I tried to fit them they were entirely the wrong shape, researching the embossed part number it showed a Citroen part for the saloon car, no u…

Air In Diesel Fuel Line C5 Hdi

Hi all,


C5 HDI 2.0ltr VTR  (2006)  ( VF7RCRHRH76734809 )


Checking over the car for a fault that's taking some finding I noticed a few small air bulbs in the clear plastic fuel line between the fuel filter and the high pressure pump while the engine was running. increasing the revs produces …

Facom 920 Tool

does anyone know were you can buy these from and what they look like ,,

Rear Wont Raise On My C5

just fitted to my 2.2hdi 2002 plate ive fitted a  new rear hydrolic ram and boot as the old one was leaking, it has the Hydractive hydraulic suspension 3+... front will rise perfect and rear will not rise , but will rise if i put the trolley jack under the back and give it a help and it will stay th…

C3 Mpg?

Hi, I've just bought a c3 2008 92 bhp hdi fully standard, I'm currently getting (so the internal computer says) 61.2 mpg between filling up, my daily driving doing 60 miles a day on A and B roads in cumbria, I'm putting in 50 pounds a week but I'm wondering if I could get more mpg for my money. I do…

Low Engine Oil Pressure Warning

Hi all,  I have a C5 tourer 08 2.0l hdi. Just had a fault appear which says low engine oil pressure warning and the engine stops running but does then re-start and runs ok. This is the 2nd time its happened in two days.  Could this possibly be a problem with the oil pump failing. Any ideas would be …

'03 C5 Hatchback

Hi Guys, I've just bought a C5 HDi LX Hatchback Reg '03. It's quite low mileage and in excellent condition. Only niggle I can find on it is that the wipers don't return to their parking position, but stay raised about 3". It's not a major issue, but I would like to get it sorted if at all possible. …

Key Fob Not Working And Radio Staying On

I have a zsara picasso 2006 have been using all day but just got home took key out of ignition and radio still on switch radio off date and battery light still on also key fob not working any ideas need some help

How Not To Treat Your Citroen

Handbrake Cable/sleeve

My mechanic has just done a bunch of repairs to my 2003 C5 2.0 Hdi, but ran into trouble trying to replace the handbrake cables.

He tells me that there is some sort of sleeve where the cable has to be fed through under the car, but he simply cannot free the old one to feed the new one in.

Anyone had…

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