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February 24, 2011

If i had the money i would like a V12 Sling Shot

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Rear Brakes, To Use Loctite Or Not

Hi, having reread some of the threads regarding rear brake caliper removal.  Many people seem to think the loctite down the bolt shafts is for corrosion resistance or mere threadlocking. No, its not. It is to enable the very long bolt to cope with the extreme shear stresses which would otherwise be …

C5 Mk1 2001 2.2Hdi - Replacing Rear Brake Calipers And Discs

Hi, just thought i would share my experience of replacing the rear brake discs and calipers for the first time after 13 years and 150k miles.

Firstly, i advise whenever inspecting the rear brake pads and discs ALWAYS check the inner pad and inner disc face.  I found that since the last mot (11 month…

Citroen C5 O6Reg,misfire


C5 Mk1 2001 2.2Hdi - Advice On Brake Bleeding

Hi, iam replacing my rear calipers/discs/pads and front pads (at 13years, 150000miles). I intend to bleed each rear caliper after fitting, and then fully bleed/replace the brake fluid when all 4 wheels are complete. I intend to use the 2man brake pedal up/down/up/down method as detailed by Haynes. …

New Ds3 Blue


    Just got one. You can really feel that extra torque. I would really like a chip/switch antilag system since my wife seems to have forgotten about power bands and she's forever trying to accelerate fast onto a busy roundabout - only to find that she left it in second.


The stop start work…

Engine Management Light On, Obd Code P1161 And P2101

Has happened twice now, can turn it of with my OBD reader but seems to be a problem with the throttlebody!?

Any ideas of what is wrong?


Car is from 2004 with 70hp 1.4 gasoline engine.




09 C5 Clicking/knocking

Evening, I am looking for some help with my 2009 Citroen C5 2.0HDi VTR+ Tourer. Recently my car has began clicking when turning the steering wheel left and right. it is only audible and cant feel the clicking through the car. When the car is reversing the click is more prominent but is only a couple…

Knocking On Steering?

I have a 2005 relay 2.2. And over the last few months the steering has developed a knocking especially when going from lock to lock at slow speed. I believe it to be the bearings on the strut tops which I have bought.
Am I on the right track and how much of a job is it for a DIYer?

All Tucked Up For Bed Time

I love my C5 so much I have brought it a cover for the winter nights, just got to cut a small hole in the top back for the Ariel to pop through. 

Knocking Noise

Hi all,

I've got a 2013 Citroen C1 and since day one there has been a knocking noise that comes every time I change gear. I was told this is normal so have learned to put up with this. The issue I have now, however, is that a similar knocking noise occurs whenever I switch the air conditioning on. I…

09 C5 Tourer Estate 3Rd Rear Brake Light

Pardon fellow C5III owners. I need help/tip on a link to buy a new or secondhand 3rd rear brale light on the estate (hatch) I've tryed my best on ebay and second hand dealers in Scandinavia. But i cant find any. Little bit disappointed that even ebay don't have it. Though i rather believe it's due t…

Front Wheel Problem

2007 C5


When I am turning to the right and have the steering on full lock there's a feeling as if the drivers side wheel is wobbly. Almost feels as if it's losing grip and sliding. It isn't sliding though because I'm at very low speed. There is no noise to accompany this weird sensation. The pass…

2007 C5 Tail Lights

I think I might have a couple of tail lights out and I can't find where to replace the bulb.


The lights are the boomerang style so it's the previous model to the new shape. The tail lights on the main car body are working fine but the ones on the boot lid are not. I'm assuming the tail lights are…

Massive Lds Leak At Front Driver Side Wheel

Ok, so seems I have bigger problems than a moody AC unit


As I was driving home tonight the car started bumping up and down pretty badly (and then I realised I had driven over a pothole rather fast just moments ago). When I stopped and got out, realised there was a big LDS leak at the front driver…

In Car Audio And Phone

Hi everyone, I have a couple of questions about my car and I hope someone can maybe give me some advice.


The car is a 2007 C5 Exclusive.



No Navidrive so I assume this means no Bluetooth? Are there any retro-fit options that don't cost a fortune? I was thinking of getting a Parrot fitted …

Climate Control Issues - Cabin Temperature Sensor? Gas?

(I'm back after a long silence!)


The car (2001, 2.0i) has been having trouble with it's AC on and off. Most recently it was that the heater blower resistor kept blowing and was advised to change the blower motor (if the contacts wear down, it could be pulling more current and causing the resistor…

Pulling A Caravan

Many years ago I had a Audi 1800, estate automatic, and I pulled a Swift challenger 5 berth caravan but alas the gearbox packed up and I had to move on to a jeep.

Then I sold the van, but now am toying with getting a caravan again but have got to convince the wife.

I would like a twin axel but am p…

Smoking Engine!

I have a xsara picasso 2001 1.8 petrol. It's smoking from the engine but only noticeable when I lift the bonnet. It's coming from around the dipstick area and from another part of the engine opposite.

I checked the oil a couple of days ago (needs topping up regularly) and I noticed a white substance…

Impact Wrench To Remove C5 Front Lower Ball Joint?

I need to replace the front lower balljoints on my C5 and have ordered the special socket to undo them but seen lots of info that they are a bu99er to slacken off, involving huge amounts of brute force and potentially damaged tools (and knuckles!!).


One suggestion I've seen is to use an impact wr…

Synergie X Reg 2 Litre Petrol Parts

Hi all..I've got a litre petrol synergie that I am stripping this week. Dark metallic grey. The 2 litre engine is a treat but the auto box gave up. I have a couple of diesels that I use daily and bought this for the interior with captains chairs. It has double sunroofs and electric rears. I have the…

Changes In Citroen Cars

Was I dreaming this.

Many moons ago I had a small Citroen diesel enging when starting it I had to wait till a lamp went out then after starting had to wait again for it to rise. 

Remote Central Locking


I'm in the middle of adding "remote" function to the central locking in 2012 Berlingo Van.

I've sussed out where to wire to for to get the locks opening and closing but I'm wondering if anyone knows how to get the indicators to flash.

There's a wire to send signal from the remote locking control un…

Antipollution/unblock Diesel Filter Faults

Hello. I bought a 2004 C8 2.0 HDI SX with these faults as the owner said he'd taken it to a garage and they put it on a diagnostic, to be told that it is a faulty diesel filter sensor. I knocked him down £100 because of this. The faults put it into limp mode, no turbo at all :-(

After getting it ho…


My alternator needs replacing, but i seem to have a problem finding the right one.

The one which came off is the Valeo CL15 model, which has two bolt-on cables, but the only ones i can find have one bolt-on and one plug-in cables.

A local breaker has supplied me a CL9 model, it too has one bolt-on a…

Drivers Seat

Hi guys, as seems the norm the drivers seat on my dispatch has worn through. Can anyone let me know what other seats from other citroens will fit please.

Engine Supplier Needed For C5

Hi All,


Was wondering if anyone could help. Our 2008 C5 recently decide to lunch it's engine (suspected big end failure) and I'm trying to source a re-con engine. Plenty around, but problem is trusting any of the suppliers as there does seem to be a large amount of fraudsters in this business. So…

Violent Brakes

Hello All
I am new to the sight and had a quick look through and could not see anything about the problem I am having with my brakes if it has been asked before please forgive me.
I bought a C4 Mk2 61 plate with only 5440 miles on clock I have put another 1000 miles since then. about 4 weeks ago wi…

Heater Control Switch

It seems that my switch on the heater blower is not to good, the first 2 positions the fan don't work but the third and last work great.

Now I can live with this unless there is an easy fix.


C4 1.6 Diesel Poor Starting

I have a 2009 C4 Picaso with the 1.6 Diesel engine. After a recent service, it has had trouble starting, either starting and then stopping fairly quickly after which it takes a while to restart or just taking a long time to start. I suspect it's air in the system but any thoughts would be helpful.



Hi, I've read a lot about PAS not working. Tried turning the key to activate lights and off again 3 times. This worked, thankfully. Will it work every time and should I expect this to happen again?

C8 Front Brakes Binding

Hi folks


Hoping that maybe someone has come across an issue I'm having with the C8 (2004 2.2hdi) and can maybe offer some words of advice.


Car failed MOT, needed pads and discs at front, also some rear brake cables. Long story short, I've replaced rear handbrake cables, drivers rear caliper, b…

Help On Getting Heater /blower Working

I've a 2001 xsara went from dodgy heating to no heating. The rear window heater works only.any ideas on fixing this please

Have C5's Ceased Production Now?

And if so, do you know when pleas?

Engine Management Light On

Hello all.


I am new to this forum as up until now the car a C3 1.4 HDi 2006 in XTR trim has sort of behaved itself, flying through the last 3 MOT's.


The EML has recently come on. I have taken to a local garage where I live in Porthmadog. Snap-on scanner found some codes so cleared them all. Tw…

Fuse Layout Xsara West Coast 1999

Brought this motor cheap yesterday and have a few issues that I am hopeing are fuse related.   Only prob is there is no manual or anything on the fuse box to let me know which fuse is for what. Issues are,      1. Interior lights do not work      …

Heated Drivers Seat As Cold As Snow

Hello good Citroen people,

I have just got my first Citroen having been a Pug person for many years,

it's an 04 plate C5 automatic deisel estate,

having just successfully taken your advice on two problems here's another if you would be so kind !!!!


drivers seat not heating up,

checked fuse, fin…

C5 Hdi Fault Code P1352


I recently put a code reader on my C5 HDi & it came up with P1352 does anyone know what the fault could be. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.

Xsara 1.4 Petrol Very Hesitant On Full Throttle

Hi all,I'm having a complete nightmare of a time diagnosing a fault on my parents 1400 LX (petrol). I brought this car for them as a run around as their previous Xsara was written off when a council truck backed into it at speed! Their previous model was a 1.9D on a 98 R reg,and I might add that it …

No Sound From Audio Unit

Hello good Citroen people,

I have just got my first Citroen having been a Pug person for many years,

it's an 04 plate C5 automatic deisel estate,

having just successfully taken your advice with one problem here's another !!!!

there is no sound coming from the audio unit, cd changer or radio,


C Crosser Asc Off Service Warning Light

Hi guys I have 58 reg crosser vtr with asc off and service light on. If it's the abs ecu pump where's best place to get this done in south lincs. Getting further diagnostic on Monday pm

Radio Code Problems

My wife has a citreon Saxo 2003 the radio code we have contains the number 8 , how do we insert this with only 6 buttons ?

Gearbox Oil? Which Type And Which Brand?

I own a Citroen new C5 (2009) automatic, and wonder why I can't find any information about the gearbox oil... Do you have any clues? Which brand of gearbox oil I should choose?   many many thanks

Mileage Correction ?

Hi, I want to buy a used Citroen c4. Does anyone know method for checking the real mileage. This video scares me.    

Suspension Faulty Max Speed 55 Mph



I have just joined this forum seeking some answers for my C5 problem. I have recently bought a 2010 exclusive (only done 24K) and this morning, while driving, the service warning light came up with a message saying "Suspension faulty max speed 55 mph". I continued to drive but I have noticed…

Citroem Zx 1996 Model - Does An Obd Work With It?

Hi there, my diagnostic warning light has just come on and I'd like to know if a standard OBD unit works on this car, and where I would need to connect it to read the codes?


If anyone has experience of using an OBD, I'd greatly appreciate hearing about it....


Many thanks,



Citroen C3 Overheating Error After Going Uphill Then Downhill

Hi Please help!


Yesterday I took my car on a test run to my job it was 40 miles there and we turned straight back, I went up a hill then down and the over heating error came on (my car doest show temperature bars) I pulled over and the fan was going crazy I turned off the car and called the rac a…

C5 2008 Onwards Front Seat Repairs Is It Possible ?

I have had a C5 136 HDi Tourer for about 2-3 years. It was 3 years old when I got it and apart from the usual front window problems it has been pretty reliable. I do a lot of stop start town work which involves getting in and out of the car a lot. The front drivers seat back wing panel nearest the d…

Metal To Rubber Pipe Fittings

hello  im replacing a pipe on power steering xantia 2l hdi (too corroded for mot) problem is the way the metal pipes fits to the rubber section, is this permenantly fixed as the ends are not hex to fit spanner on  or do i have to replace the whole bit

im hoping to just replace the metal pipe there…

C5 Rear Wiper Has A Mind Of It's Own

Hello good Citroen people,

I have just got my first Citroen having been a Pug person for many years,

it's an 04 plate C5 automatic deisel estate,

now the problem is the rear wiper starts wiping when I unlock the central locking

also when  put the car into reverse, off it goes left, right, left, righ…

Drivers Door Locks Me Out

It has happened about 4 times so far with one or two weeks in between it happening.

I get out of the car, press the key fob to lock the doors, return, press the open door fob button lights flash but the drivers door is locked.

All the other doors are unlocked, I press again to lock then press open b…